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Current Needs

The Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Foundation needs your help in reaching our fundraising goals this year in support of the Uxbridge Site of Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Your support is greatly appreciated and will ensure that our staff is equipped to provide the high quality care for patients and their families.

This year your support will go towards both equipment needs as well as facility maintenance.

On our list of medical equipment needs are an Electronic Image Management (Echo, PFT and Electrodiagnositics) and a Diagnostic Skyplate Digital Detector. These two pieces of equipment will assist the Uxbridge site of the hospital in being a leading provider of diagnostic imaging. Your support will also help ensure that we can maintain our facilities so we can care for our patients in a safe environment.

Outlined below are some of the other equipment needs for the Uxbridge Site.

Bariatric Broda Chair $ 4,635
Biomedical Waste Management Refrigeration Upgrade $ 25,000
Blood Gas Analyzer $ 12,000
CADD Pump $ 4,789
CBORD Implementation $ 42,000
Compella Bariatric Bed $ 35,788
Fridge $ 15,000
Gastroscope $ 37,706
GE ECG Carts $ 31,524
Handicare IBIS Wheelchair $ 3,895
Ice Dispenser $ 5,173
Laboratory Refrigerator $ 15,000
Med Surge Bed and Mattress $ 7,454
Medication Refrigerator $ 10,181
Nocospray Machine $ 6,000
OTN Video Conference Equipment $ 11,000
PC Replacements $ 29,040
Paediatric Colonoscope $ 43,920
Standard Broda Chair $ 2,655
Stryker Trauma Stretcher $ 8,504
Whirlpool Therapy Tub with Air Jets $ 6,700

NOTE: Designating funds to a particular area or piece of equipment limits the Foundation from using your gift for any other purpose. Giving an unspecified gift means that your contribution can be used where it is most needed. All donations are greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support in any amount.