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Student Education

Student with Confirmed Placement(s)


Welcome to the Student Education portal. This section will provide students with information related to the most common questions asked by those individuals coming to MSH for their clinical placements. A detailed compilation of information for students is available in the Student Handbook.

How to I obtain a Hospital Identification Card?

Students and faculty instructors are required to wear both a school identification badge and a Markham Stouffville Hospital identification card at all times. The school badge must clearly identify their student status, and include at least their first name and the name of the school.

  • To obtain a hospital ID card, complete a Student ID Badge Deposit Form located at the Cashier's Office (A1754 - Building A, First Floor) or at the reception desk in Professional Practice. Return the completed form to the Cashier's office with a refundable $20.00 cash deposit.
  • Take the carbon copy of the completed form to the Parking Office located in the North Visitor Parking Lot to obtain the hospital ID card. Once activated, the card allows you access to locker rooms, appropriate unit/departments and after-hour door entrances.
  • At the end of clinical placement, return the ID badge AND the carbon copy receipt to the cashier’s office, at which time your $20.00 deposit will be refunded.
  • Please note that if the ID badge is not returned within 10 business days of your placement completion, the deposit will bot be refunded.
  • If you are a returning student or faculty instructor, you are still required to obtain a new card using the same ID Card process.

Where can I Park?

Markham Site

Students/Instructors may purchase parking privileges at MSH at the staff rate.  Alternatively, you may choose to pay the daily rate and park in the visitors’ parking lot. The Cashier’s office accepts cash, debit or credit card payment.

There is free street parking in the neighboring streets around the hospital, but those streets closest to the hospital have parking restrictions posted. There is a daily parking fee associated with parking at Cornell Community Centre.

Uxbridge Site

Students and faculty instructors assigned to the Uxbridge site may park free of charge. The required parking tag is available at the Uxbridge site from the Manager, Support Services and is to be hung from the rearview mirror for the duration of your clinical placement. The tag will be returned on the final day of clinical placement.

Do I get a locker?

We make every effort to assign lockers for students during their placement. Locker assignments are coordinated through your faculty instructor and Facilities and Support Services. Faculty Instructors will be required to email a list of students and faculty name, including gender, to studentplacements@msh.on.ca. Faculty instructors are asked to send locker requests at least two (2) weeks prior to the start date in order to receive locker assignments by the date that they are required.

What type of orientation will I receive?

Pre-Grad/Consolidation Students

Pre-grad/Consolidation students attend an educational session provided by the hospital before a placement starts to prepare students for their first day. Session dates are provided by your school's placement coordinator or you may contact Joanna Barnes at 905-472-7373 x6696 or studentplacements@msh.on.ca.  Your University/College also provides a session on MEDITECH documentation and Medication Administration - Bedside Medication Verification System.

Student Groups

Faculty from the Universities and Colleges will provide education regarding the MEDITECH electronic documentation and Medication Administration, emergency codes, infection prevention and any additional information.

What are some of the required learning modules for Students?

Markham Stouffville Hospital use Clarity's Learning Information Management Environment (LiMe) for on-line learning. In order to complete the modules listed in the student handbook, you can access LiMe from any computer, within the hospital or externally, using this link: https://learn.msh.ca. Please note that additional resources and information is listed in the student handbook. You will be asked for your MEDITECH username and password to access LiMe.

Upon completion of the required LiMe modules and Handbook information , you are required to sign the “Acknowledgement of Health & Safety Training for Students” and “Statement of Commitment” document (Page 21 of the handbook) and return to Professional Practice.

Do I need to be mask fit tested?

Fit testing is required for all tight-fitting respirators, including those selected to protect students from hazards associated with infectious agents and chemical exposure. Fit testing is required by law every 2 years. Under no circumstances shall a student wear a respirator for which he/she has not been fit tested to.

Students with placements at MSH can contact the Occupational Health and Safety department: Markham - ext 6280; Uxbridge - ext 5233 to book a first available session for a mask fit test.

For more Information:

Policy 080.901.110: Respiratory Protection Program – Mask Fit Testing Administration Manual: Health and Safety

Do I required a specific type of uniform for my MSH placement?

Although MSH does not have a specific uniform policy, it is understood that uniforms be well fitting and appropriate for work. All students must wear footwear appropriate for the potential hazards present in their work environment and in accordance to Sections 11(c) and (d) of the Health Care and Residential Facilities Regulation 67/93 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Instructors/supervisors are responsible for advising students of the appropriate type of footwear they should be wearing while working in their units/departments. The footwear appropriate for students must have the following characteristics:

  • Well-fitting shoe in which the foot is securely placed
  • Sole is made of non-slip material
  • Heel is low to moderate (2-5 cm in height)
  • Toe must be covered (sandals or other open-toed shoes are not permitted)
  • Shoe should be enclosed and have no open slits
  • Shoe material must be durable and impermeable to protect from chemicals, hot liquids, or sharps such as needles

How can I get user access for the MEDITECH and LiMe systems at MSH?

Acquiring Access

As electronic documentation is quite common at MSH, students require an Information Technology (IT) username and password.

Requests for IT access for nursing students is obtained by Professional Practice via our electronic database. Once placement is confirmed and IT access is approved, it takes approximately one week for IT to provide a username and password for our electronic documentation system. The IT access information will be given to pre-grad/consolidation students by Professional Practice whereas group instructors will be provided with a list of username and passwords for their students prior to the beginning of the placement.

Confidentiality and Privacy

MSH is committed to keeping health care records private.  Therefore, it is required that all students and instructors with IT access sign both an IT Security acknowledgement form as well as a MSH Confidentiality form prior to receiving passwords.  These forms are available through Professional Practice or in the Student Handbook.

Electronic Documentation Training

All Nursing Students

MSH uses Meditech 6.X for Clinical Documentation and Electronic Medication Administration and Bedside Medication Verification.  Students will require an educational session arranged by the Professional Practice department.  The dates for these sessions will be sent to you by your school or you may contact Professional practice.

Faculty/instructors will be provided with additional training and support for eMAR and BMV as needed.

Pre-Grad/Consolidation/Precepted Students Only

Students will also require education regarding the electronic medication administration and bedside medication verification.  The education may be obtained via the hospital's intranet and must be completed prior to the first clinical day.  The Tutorial can be found using the following link:

EMR & BMV Tutorial

All Allied Health Students

Students will require Meditech Clinical Documentation education that will be arranged by the Professional Practice department. The dates for these sessions will be sent by your school or you may contact the Professional Practice department at 905-472-7006.

What is an Automatic Dispensing Unit?

An automatic dispensing unit (ADU) is used to dispense medications such as narcotics, benzodiazepines and stocked medications. 

Precepted nursing students have access to the ADU. MSH staff will provide ADU training. Training dates will be scheduled and schools are responsible for communicating training dates and locations to the students.

Instructor-led students do not have access to the ADU. However, they do have full access to the medication rooms and mobile med carts for medications stored in those areas. Faculty instructors will access the ADU as required for their students.

Faculty instructors who are new to the hospital must attend an ADU orientation session.